All academic partners have strong relationships with industry or private/public research centers focused on technology transfer. In fact, in PIXNET, each partner is bringing a “dowry” of companies/research centers that agreed to be either Associated partners bringing in-kind contribution to the education program. Such support come from 20 distinct entities (19 of them are formally registered as Associated partners):


2 Large multinational companies: Ericsson, STMicroelectronics;

 3 Large national companies operating in different sectors: Open Fiber, TIM, Trenitalia, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italy);

6 International Research Institutes: Interuniversitary Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT, Italy), KDDI R&D Lab (Japan), Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NICT, Japan), SurfNet (The Netherlands), Tyndall National Institute (Ireland);

10 Small Medium Enterprises: EFFECT Photonics (The Netherlands), Bright Photonics (The Netherlands), VTEC Lasers & Sensors (The Netherlands), Phoenix Software (The Netherlands), Lumerical Solutions2 (UK & Canada), Pilot Photonics (Ireland), Smart Photonics (The Netherlands), Genexis (The Netherlands), Phoenix Photonics (UK), InFibra Technologies (Italy).


All these non-academic partners have shown interest in the program for either hosting students (e.g. during the thesis period) or suggesting case studies (for thesis), or providing equipment for the laboratories, or offering free licenses of their software tools for designing photonic integrated circuits or offering short courses or potentially hiring the graduates at the end of the program.

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