All Applicants must enter their application exclusively on-line, choosing the relevant category under which to apply.

Please, check your category in the Candidate profile section.

Please, before applying read carefully the Admission Requirements section in order to verify your eligibility for the PIXNET Masters.


Applicants must first make a choice regarding one or more of the types of application they want to pursue:

  • PIXNET EMJMD with scholarship - Programe-country students;
  • PIXNET EMJMD with scholarship - Partner-country students;
  • PIXNET EMJMD without scholarship;
  • PIXNET local path.

IMPORTANT: Please note that different deadlines applies.


In all types of application candidates must provide the following information:

  • Personal Information: surname;forename;place/country and date of birth; citizenship(s) [1];gender;marital status;disabilities; permanent address;phone; e-mail and skype contacts;
  • University career: academic title, degree-award date, university and final score, academic year of beginning of BSc’s studies, standard duration of courses, average score of exams taken;
  • Request for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and corresponding category (Programme Country, Partner Country, ENI South, ASIA LDC Countries, Latin America – LMI Countries, Latin America – Brazil and Mexico, Latin America remaining countries, according to the European Commission criteria, and declaration from the candidate that the relevant eligibility criteria are fulfilled [2];
  • Declaration of knowledge of selection criteria, procedure and timetable;
  • Commitment to notify any change of address or e-mail contact to the Master’s Secretariat;
  • Declaration on EMJMD number of applications threshold (applicants declare their awareness that for a given academic year the number of applications for an EMJMD scholarship to any of the Erasmus + courses must be limited to maximum three different joint programmes).


Applicants must include in the application (all materials must be uploaded in Adobe pdf format and must use the file-name nomenclature shown):

  • Residence_Surname_Name.pdf: a valid Certificate of Residence recording where the candidate is currently living as a legal resident. There must be clearly reported his/her home address and town/city. A local authority must issue it. Documents provided must have been issued within 12 months before the submission deadline of the application [3];
  • Certificate_Surname_Name.pdf: certified copy of Degree Certificate translated in English;
  • Transcripts_Surname_Name.pdf: certified academic records and transcripts, reporting the final grade and grades earned in individual exams, translated in English;
  • Motivation_Surname_Name.pdf: motivation letter;
  • Passport_Surname_Name.pdf: copy of main page(s) of passport for proof of nationality;
  • Other_Surname_Name.pdf: any other useful documentation for the assessment;
  • References_Surname_Name.pdf: two reference letters or Testimonial of Experience (i.e. internship certificates, training attestations; supervisor's e-mail testimony in PDF format, etc…);
  • English_Surname_name.pdf: English proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or other official certificates).


Applications with missing information will not be considered valid.

Please read carefully the official Call for Application 2019-2021 for details on student selection process and scholarship awarding.

[1] Candidates with multiple nationality must decide at application stage under which nationality they apply.

[2] Nationality and residence, 12-month residence rule (see following note), non EMMC (Erasmus Mundus – Action 1) and/or EMJMD scholarship holder previously etc.

[3] Such a certificate is mandatory to prove that candidate belongs to the Programme or Partner category and it will be used to calculate the scholarship amount.

This page was last modified on 23 May 2019