PIXNET Appeal Procedure

If a PIXNET candidate is not satisfied with a decision relating their admission to the programme or believe that the application has not been processed correctly, he/she may undertake an appeal procedure.

The PIXNET programme is funded by EACEA and must follow the EACEA rules (Programme Guide - ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/programme-guide_en), against whichit is not possible to appeal.  

Before submitting an appeal, please check carefully whether you have followed the given application procedure and submitted all of the documents required within the application process. The appeal cannot be used as an opportunity to provide new information that was not included in the original application. New evidence or additional information (e.g., additional certificates) cannot be taken into account. During the appeal the application is not given a full re-evaluation, but will only be checked for errors highlighted in the process.

Mobility assignment, as established in the call for proposal art. 9, comes after the ranking consolidation and appeals against it cannot be accepted.

We have distinguished two different kinds of appeal:

Ineligible-candidate Appeals. The eligibility check, performed by the coordinating institution, refers to adherence to the application deadline, completeness of the application file and eligibility of the candidate in relation to the PIXNET admission requirements. Candidates must submit an appeal regarding their  eligibility status within 3 working days of receiving the ineligibility letter and consequent exclusion from the selection process

Non-selected-candidate or Reserve-listed-canidate Appeals. The selection check, performed by the whole Consortium, represented in a specifically appointed Selection Committee, refers to the quality assessment of the applications, according to the criteria contained in the Call for Applications (art. 9). Non-selected candidates or Reserve-listed candidates willing to apply for a re-evaluation must submit an appeal within 3 working days after receiving the non-selected status letter and consequent exclusion from the Main list.

Candidates must submit their appeal via e-mail to pixnet@santannapisa.it using the Appeal Forms below within the given deadlines, stating clearly the reason for their appeal and clearly describing the error(s) identified.

 For INELIGIBLE candidates should use this Appeal form (no more available).

For NON-SELECTED-CANDIDATE or RANKING-POSITION appeals should use this Appeal form .

 Please note that appeals without an application number and date will not be taken into consideration.

This page was last modified on 1 March 2018